For more than a decade, our team at Romex Rodent Control has been serving McKinney, TX and other North Dallas communities with squirrel removal, rat control services and other rodent control. But we’re not your average pest control company. Our powerful solutions provide the real results you want in less time.


Romex Rodent Control stands behind the work we do by offering a warranty on all of our services. We know the best practices for rat control, squirrel removal and more using safe, eco-friendly products that won’t harm your home or family. Most other pest control companies won’t do a full exclusion process to ensure that your rat infestation or rodent problem is solved. Even if you do find a company that offers rodent exclusion services, it can cost a fortune.

But not with Romex. We charge less for the services you need and won’t stop until you are satisfied. We are a local McKinney rodent control business with a team of dedicated and trained technicians ready to give you the best service possible.

Don’t wait until your small rodent infestation becomes a bigger problem. Call Romex Rodent Control today for rodent control services that you can trust in McKinney, TX and surrounding areas.

  • » Locally owned
  • » Same day or Next day service
  • » Trained rodent control professionals.
  • » Competitive pricing.
  • » Warranty on our work.

Are scratching noises keeping you or your kids awake at night?

When rodents invade your home, they don’t make themselves easy to ignore. Scurrying and scratching noises coming from squirrels in attics or rats in the walls make it difficult for anyone to sleep soundly. But Romex Rodent Control is here to help! We’ll give your family the peace of mind you’ve been looking for with an entirely rodent-free home. No more wondering what’s in your attic or walls. No more losing sleep. With help from Romex Rodent Control, you and your family can relax and enjoy your home again.

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