9 Places Where Mice Love to Hide in Your Home

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9 Places Where Mice Love to Hide in Your Home

In search of shelter, mice will make their way into unsuspecting homes, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Leave them unchecked for too long and what might have started with one or two mice moving in may multiply quickly to 10, 20 or even more.

Before you have a mice infestation on your hands, check these locations around your house for any signs of mice:

1. Upholstered Furniture and Insulation

Your favorite comfy couch may also be the perfect nesting spot for furry intruders. Older couches with holes in the upholstery are especially prone to becoming homes for mice.

Soft upholstery is similar to other materials mice use to make their nests like cotton or shredded paper. The insulation in your attic or basement are also good places in which mice love to nest for their soft texture and secluded location.

2.Hidden Corners

A crowded room with concealed corners is also inviting to mice. They are drawn to tight, hidden spaces like corners that are kept out of sight such as by piles of boxes in your garage or attic.

What will make these areas even more enticing is if you don’t venture into these spaces much. Mice are attracted to undisturbed places where they can hide. So if it’s been a while since you’ve gone into that packed storage room, it may be time to pay it a visit.

3. Cardboard Boxes

Because mice are excellent chewers they can get through almost anything in your house, but they especially love hiding away in storage boxes made of cardboard. They’ll sometimes use that cardboard as nest material. Since these boxes are in rooms not often used, they become the perfect hideaways.

4. Behind Appliances

Sometimes our ovens or refrigerators are so difficult to move that we neglect cleaning behind them until it’s finally time for some deep cleaning. But in that time, these spaces left untouched may have become refuge to a family of mice. It’s good to check these areas regularly, even just to see if you notice any mouse droppings or spots that have been gnawed on.

5. Back of Closets and Cupboards

How often do we clean the back of our closets? This is another spot where we sometimes fail to clean that can become the ideal living space for a mouse. The same is true for the back of cabinets and cupboards as well where mice can easily hide behind boxes of food or piles of shoes.

This can become a big problem when mice start getting into your food. Mice want to be close to sources of food, making a corner of your kitchen cupboard a desirable location. Consider putting food in plastic containers that are harder for mice to chew through. But again, check these back spaces often in case mice are hiding away there.

6. Car Hoods

Kitchens are a common place to find mice as are garages. Cars parked inside your garage with all their small nooks and crannies could be another ideal hideout for mice.

You may want to check for mice under your car hood, a particularly common place for mice to hide. Inside your car’s trunk or exhaust pipe are other good areas to check. Classic cars or other vehicles that are left in garages are especially prone to have mice in them.

7. Water Heaters

Your basement is another area where you are likely to find mice. Besides the insulation and dark corners, look inside the closet where your water heater resides. This dark, warm room is another space not often visited by the home’s human occupants, making it appealing for mice.

8. Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces share a similar story. They are not accessed frequently making them a good place for mice to take shelter unnoticed. Often mice will find their way into your basement from cracks or gaps in your foundation or around pipes. Sealing these cracks and gaps can help begin to solve the problem at the source.

9. Ducts and Pipes

Common signs of a mice infestation are scratching or scuttling noises. If you do have mice in your home you may hear these sounds coming from your walls or ceiling, another place where mice love to hide. Frequently, they will run about in your pipes and/or air ducts.

These passageways give mice access to your entire home, and can cause problems quickly if a mouse dies in a pipe or duct. Another sign of an infestation is a bad odor coming from an unknown source. A rodent control professional will know where to look to find the dead mouse and where other pesky mice might be hiding.

Keep Your Home Free of Mice

When you notice the first signs of a mice infestation, don’t wait to call a rodent control company. DIY baiting and traps may catch a few mice here and there. But to completely remove the problem and prevent and future mice infestations, you need professional rodent control experts.

For homes in the North Dallas area including McKinney, Plano and Prosper TX, call locally-owned Romex Rodent Control. You can rely on our rodent control services to effectively rid your home of mice for good.

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