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Romex Rodent Control is a local rodent control business serving our neighbors in North Dallas including Frisco, Plano, Prosper and McKinney, TX. We know how difficult it can be to keep squirrels, mice and rats out of your Texas home; we’ve been there too! But over the years we’ve been in the rodent control industry, we’ve learned how to best keep rodents out, and how to keep them out for good.

Once we find your squirrel or rat infestation after a complete inspection of your house, we’ll remove the actual rodents themselves then seal up your home so no more mice or rats can enter. Because rat or squirrel removal alone is not enough. For the peace of mind you’re seeking, you need Romex Rodent Control to make sure those rodents don’t make their way back into your home. To do so, we apply squirrel and rat repellents that wards off these and other unwanted critters.

In addition, these repellents and other rodent control products we use to disinfect and seal your house are all eco-friendly. Rather than use harmful chemicals that many other pest control companies in McKinney, TX use, we only use products that won’t put you, your family or your home at risk of health hazards. We trust our products and procedures so much that we use the same rat and squirrel repellents in our own homes to keep out those pesky rodents.

So when you need rodent control services that gets the job done right, call Romex Rodent Control. Every member of our team is trained to use the best practices and repellents for effective rodent control. We guarantee you a rodent-free home, now and in the long-run. Contact us today to schedule a free rodent inspection at your McKinney or North Dallas home!

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