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When you have questions about what to do for your rodent problem, Romex Rodent Control has got the answers. We’ve been in the rodent control industry for years, gaining knowledge and experience for how to best serve you.

Browse through our FAQs or contact us to ask any other rodent control questions you may have. Call for a free home inspection for your home in Frisco, Plano, Prosper or McKinney, TX.

Signs you may have mice or rat infestation, or other rodents invading your home, can include droppings found in or around the property, especially in places like your garage and attic. You may also notice bad odors or hear scratching in the walls or attic.

Don’t wait to call for our rodent control services near McKinney, TX when you notice signs of rodents. Because rodents carry certain diseases, you may put your family at risk by waiting too long to call a rodent control company. Romex Rodent Control will come find and eliminate the problem quickly and prevent it from popping back up again.

At Romex Rodent Control, we only use eco-friendly sprays and pesticides. Unlike common chemical repellents, these products won’t leave a toxic or potentially harmful aroma. You and your family won’t need to move out for us to complete our rodent control services.

We’ve chosen to use these eco-friendly rat and squirrel repellents because of how effective they are in preventing rodent infestations while also being safe to use around children and pets.

We offer same-day or next-day rodent control services, in most cases within a 24 hour time frame. When you need immediate rodent removal or help with a rodent control problem near you in McKinney or North Dallas, give our pest control company a call!

Harmful diseases carried by mice and rats can be transmitted in several different ways, even without touching the rodents. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) is one such disease that is transmitted just by inhaling rodent droppings, urine or saliva.

Fleas found on mice and rats can also carry and transmit serious diseases, as can preparing food on a surface that’s come in contact with a mice or rat. Because of the health risks involved with rodent control, home and business owners should contact rodent control professionals to inspect, disinfect and remove mice and rat infestations area.

Contact Romex Rodent Control today for quick-response rodent and rat control services in and around McKinney, TX! See what a different our eco-friendly squirrel and rat repellent can make for protecting your employees and your family from these harmful diseases.

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