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Are you tired of catching these in your garage?

We know the feeling. We deal with mice infestations in Prosper, Plano, Frisco and McKinney, TX all the time. But Romex Rodent Control also has the tools, experience and training to easily remove and prevent mice infestations in your home or business.

Mice are quick, small and agile animals, making it hard to track them down and catch them. They can squeeze into tiny spaces, even holes as small as a dime. Mice are also excellent climbers, which is why they can often be heard traveling in walls along piping.

A few traps here and there may catch some mice in your house, but even just a few mice can turn into a big problem fast. Mice are known to have large litters frequently, sometimes up to 10 litters of 5-14 mice a year. Mice breed quickly because they don’t often survive long out in the wild, competing for food and faced with larger predators. But living in the comfort of your home, those mice have a greater chance for survival and longer lifespans making infestations even easier.

To really ensure your home or business property becomes mice-free, you need to take the proper steps for full mice exclusion and prevention. That’s where Romex Rodent Control can help. Our team is trained to locate and remove mice humanely and seal up those small, hard to find points-of-entry for good. As part of our exclusion process, we’ll also disinfect your home using safe, eco-friendly products proven to protect against diseases carried by mice. Our mice repellent will then create a barrier around your home or business so mice infestations stay away for good.

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