No one wants to find a rodent scurrying around their home. Rodents are not only nuisances, but also vcan cause serious damage and be a potential health hazard if left unchecked.

  • RomexRodents will help you remove and prevent the following Rodents

Signs of an Infestation

- Scratching in your walls and/or attic
- Bad odors
- Areas that are being chewed
- Droppings
- Tunnels in the insulation

Rodent Control Solutions

Call Romex Pest Control for a free inspection of your home today! At Romex Pest Control, we provide effective rodent control solutions to remove the problem quickly and to make sure that rodents won’t come back.

Most pest control companies don’t offer full exclusion services for rodents like we do. But we want your home to be completely rodent-free, now and later. It’s why our team of technicians are all equipped with the training, tools and materials you need to remove your rodent problem once and for all.

Contact us for more details and check out our other rodent pages for more relevant information on possible wildlife that may be making its way into your home.

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