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Skunks are all-too-common pests invading homes and yards in McKinney, TX and the North Dallas area. They often like to live in crawl spaces, basements and garages or under porches and sheds. One of their favorite places to live is under slightly-raised sheds, especially if they have small babies. Their horrible-smelling spray is a well-known defense mechanism, but that’s not all you need to worry about when a skunk makes your home theirs. Skunks dig up yards and gardens looking for insects to eat, and may carry diseases such as rabies that can be passed to you or your pets.

When you see signs of a skunk living in your home or commercial property, call Romex Rodent Control. We offer same-day or next-day skunk removal and effective rodent control services! The repellents and other solutions we use carefully remove any current intruders and prevent any future ones.

Don’t wait to call us for your free home inspection or skunk removal! Contact Romex Rodent Control for a guaranteed skunk-free home with eco-friendly rodent repellents and rodent control services.

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