Squirrel Removal and Control

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House caught on fire because squirrel chewed on electrical wiring
Squirrel Chewed A Hole in Roof
Squirrel chewed through AC Duct
Squirrel chewed through electrical wire
Squirrel Live Trap

Squirrel Removal and Control

When squirrels make their way into your home or business, it can be a great cause for concern. You may hear them running around in your attic or making scratching sounds in your walls or ceiling. Squirrels have an amazing ability to chew through practically anything. This becomes a great problem when they start chewing through the walls of your home or on electrical wires. Cut wires quickly can become a fire hazard, especially with squirrel nests nearby made of dry, flammable materials.


Let Romex Rodent Control help before your squirrel problem gets out of hand. Our team is trained to find any areas where squirrels may be entering your home, as well as best practices for removing them and sealing your home to prevent future infestations. Contact us to learn more about our squirrel control services that get the job done right!

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