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When you need squirrel removal, rat repellent and other rodent control services in Prosper, Frisco, Plano or McKinney, TX, contact Romex Rodent Control. For years we’ve been serving North Dallas homes and businesses with eco-friendly rodent control that gets the job done right.

Does Your Rodent Control Look Like This?

During our time in the rodent control industry, we’ve seen many examples of what not to do when it comes to rodent control. Several DIY solutions act as a quick fix for a rat infestation or rodent problem, but don’t result in long-term rodent prevention. Even some rodent control companies that claim to have proper prevention and removal services fail to live up to their promise of a home or office that’s entirely free of rodents.

These are the quick fixes to avoid. They may catch a few mice, rats or squirrels here and there, and they may seal up a couple of gaps in your home. But they don’t get the job done.

When you look to hire a rodent control company, you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing mice and rats just a few months down the road again. You should be paying for solutions that last. At Romex Rodent Control, that’s exactly what we provide.

Effective Rodent Control

Our experience has taught us what the most effective measures are for finding and removing rodent infestations and the best squirrel and rat repellents for keeping them out permanently.

How do rodent control services work with Romex Rodent Control?

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We start with a complete inspection of your home or office building in or near McKinney, TX. Our team will be looking for the rodents themselves, but also any gaps or holes that may have been the cause for the mice or rat infestation. We will evaluate as well for areas of concern that may become entry points for rodents in the future.


As part of the mice, rat or squirrel removal process, we will then seal up the gaps we’ve found during inspection. Mice and rats can fit into even the smallest holes, so we make sure to seal any possible point of entry. By sealing up your home, it prevents future unwanted critters from entering.

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Sealing up your home is just one step in the exclusion process, or the method for removing rodents from your property. After the gaps have been sealed, we bait and trap the squirrels, mice and rats infesting your home. Once they are removed, our technicians will disinfect your home to protect against any diseases the mice and rats may have been carrying. Using an eco-friendly rat or squirrel repellent, we will spray a barrier around your property to protect it against additional infestations.

The Romex Difference

At Romex Rodent Control, we offer our customers rodent control solutions that last. We also follow humane practices and only use environmentally-friendly products and repellents for our rodent and rat control services. Rather than spray toxic chemicals to expel rodents and disinfect your McKinney or North Dallas home, we use plant-based products that are safe to use around children and pets. They are effective at what they do without harming the planet or your home.

Don’t wait any longer to have the rodent-free home and peace of mind you’ve been wanting. Call Romex Rodent Control today to schedule your free rodent inspection, removal and complete squirrel and rat infestation exclusion near McKinney, TX!

Contact us today to schedule a free home inspection!

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