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Rodent Control Services

When you need rodent control in Prosper, Frisco, Plano or McKinney TX, contact Romex Rodent Control. For years we’ve been serving North Dallas homes and businesses with eco-friendly rodent control that gets the job done right.

Does Your Rodent Control Look Like This?

During our time in the rodent control industry, we’ve seen many examples of what not to do when it comes to rodent control. Several DIY solutions act as a quick fix for a rodent problem, but don’t result in long-term rodent prevention. Even some rodent control companies that claim to have proper prevention and removal services fail to live up to their promise of a home or office that’s entirely free of rodents.

These are the quick fixes to avoid. They may catch a few mice or rats here and there, and they may seal up a couple of gaps in your home. But they don’t get the job done.

When you look to hire a rodent control company, you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing mice and rats just a few months down the road again. You should be paying for solutions that last. At Romex Rodent Control, that’s exactly what we provide.


Our experience has taught us what the most effective measures are for finding and removing mice, rats and other rodents and for keeping them out permanently.

How does rodent control work with Romex Rodent Control?

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We will inspect the inside and attic to figure out what type of activity is present. After we will inspect all entry points from the exterior. It’s important that we are thorough with our inspection because even a small gap that is missed could present problems down the road.


Once we have established what activity there is we need to either trap or remove it before we seal up the gaps. We want to prevent the rodents from being stuck in the home after we have already sealed it up.

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Once we have removed the rodents we will seal up the gaps around the home to prevent them from coming back in. It’s important that we use the right materials so the rodents won’t just chew through and come back. Also, we want it to look nice. The last thing anyone wants is a big eye sore on their home that screams “WE HAVE RODENT PROBLEMS”. After we’ve sealed up the home and performed the exclusion we will do a DSV treatment which will help disinfect the home from the odors, urine and droppings as well as the pheromone trails that the rodents have created.

The Romex Difference

At Romex, we offer our customers solutions that last. The only thing worse than spending money to get rodent issues resolved is to not have it done the right way and have to spend more money. We warranty our work and will gladly stay in touch with our customers if there are any issues regarding the work that was done

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